I’m Edwin
Here’s stuff I’ve worked on recently

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Genius I get to work with the smartest people I know on a pretty cool project.

Personal Projects

GitHub Lots of stuff here. Keepsakes and Moves Analysis are probably the most interesting, but both works in progress.

For thoughtbot and Clients

Typographic Refactoring This article is a little less relevant since the blog has been redesigned, but people seemed to like it. I updated the typefaces used on the thoughtbot blog to Gotham, Chronicle Text, and Sentinel after Hoefler&Frere-Jones debuted typography.com. I refined the rhythm and layout of the articles, and wrote a blog post about the process; It was endorsed by H&FJ, Smashing Magazine, and featured on Sidebar.io.
Dribbble meetup Not a design piece but I feel proud of it anyways. I organized an official Dribbble and thoughtbot meetup at the Boston thoughtbot office. I created basic signage, organized furniture, and setup an installation piece by Kawandeep Virdee. About 80 people came, including Ethan Marcotte, Josh Porter, the full Dribbble team, and designers from Korn Design, Intrepid Labs, Raizlabs, and other area agencies. It was a lot of fun.
thoughtbot Learn (now Upcase) I was one of three people, with Ben Orenstein and Chad Pytel, to work on thoughtbot’s Learn (now Upcase) full-time; Learn is an online platform that provides mentorship, resources, and peer review for learning Rails. In my time working on it, the service transformed from an online marketplace that sold digital goods à la carte, to an online marketplace with a subscription option, to a subscription-only service. It was my first time working on a real SAAS product — I did market research, customer service with a small customer base, and got to make decisions about long-term and short-term product direction.
Rails Security I worked with Code Climate to create this landing page for a free email series on protecting against Rails security vulnerabilities. Landing pages can be pretty boring, so I created an interactive security camera/spotlight toy to try to make things more interesting — try clicking into the email field, or clicking on the camera.

Less recently (and almost all since changed), I’ve worked on Hound, the RubyGems blog, America’s Test Kitchen, OwnerAide, Velocity, Tastemakers, and Northeastern Empower.